Darjeeling Okayti "Wonder Clonal Delight" First Flush 2023
Darjeeling Okayti "Wonder Clonal Delight" First Flush 2023
Darjeeling Okayti "Wonder Clonal Delight" First Flush 2023

Darjeeling Okayti "Wonder Clonal Delight" First Flush 2023


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Introducing Okayti Tea Estate, the highest-elevation tea estate in the region with a legacy that dates back to the early 1870s. Nestled in the magical Mirik Valley, this sprawling estate spans over 1,600 acres of breathtaking landscape, ranging from 4,000 to 6,200 feet above sea level.

Originally known as Rangdoo, the estate was acquired by William Lloyd in 1872. With undulating terrain and mountains forming wavelike structures, Rangdoo quickly became a paradise for passionate tea growers. The dense vegetation was cleared and harmoniously laid down with tea bushes, and within a few years, the tea produced at Rangdoo acquired enormous fame for its distinct flavours.

The London tea auctioneers affectionately started calling the tea from Rangdoo 'The only Okay tea!', a nod to its suitability for the refined and sophisticated tastes of the royals. To commemorate this global appreciation, Rangdoo was rechristened Okayti.

Located just 45 kilometres from Darjeeling town, Okayti Tea Estate is adorned with beautiful slopes, a subtropical climate, and the right kind of soil. With a history of producing tea of excellent quality, it still stands as a proud producer of the world's finest tea.

Indulge in the heavenly taste of Okayti Tea, grown in the highest-elevation tea estate in the region. With its distinct flavours and a legacy that dates back to the early 1870s, it's no wonder that it's the only tea suited to be served at the Buckingham Palace. Get your hands on this premium tea today and experience the taste of royalty.

För detta te föreslår vi att du provar den västerländska bryggningsstilen. Tanken bakom denna teknik är att använda färre blad och mycket mer vatten, medan bryggtiden blir längre för att extrahera så mycket av smaken som möjligt på en och samma gång.

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Gram / 2dl
Temperatur °C
Region Darjeeling
Årstid Mars
Kultivar B157 Clonal
Höjd 1900 m