Assam Hatimara CTC (1) Variation / (1) Hs-code / (1) Origin-country
Assam Hatimara CTC (1) Variation / (1) Hs-code / (1) Origin-country

Assam Hatimara CTC


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The CTC method makes the tea perfectly strong and musty to be enjoyed with cream or milk.

Enjoying a tea with a splash of milk is never wrong. But some teas are better suited and adapted than others. The production technique "Crush, tear, curl - (CTC)", originally from Kenya, spread throughout South Asia during colonialism. CTC is a method for mostly black tea where the leaves pass through a series of cylindrical rollers with toothed blades that crush, tear and roll the tea into small hard granules. The technique exposes more cells in the leaf and thus increases the oxidation of the tea, resulting in a stronger and fuller cup.

Among the rolling fields of Assam, India, lies the world's first fully clonal tea plantation, Hatimara Tea Estate. This plantation produces high-quality teas with amber, malty notes and hints of caramelized sugar. It is a favorite among tea drinkers whose preference is to have a splash of milk in their tea.

Luxury to it with a little brown sugar sugar or a piece of vanilla bean. It is a good alternative to espresso.

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Gram / 2dl
Temperatur °C
3-4 min
Region Assam
Årstid June
Kultivar n/a
Höjd n/a